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Pull Stay Overview

Nito Souji is a Hikikomori and has rarely left his apartment for the last 10 years. After struggling with trying to make a living as a writer and an artist, he began developing games.

While a few of his first titles did not make it to production, Nito has been working tirelessly on his game Pull Stay, which is scheduled for release in 2022.

Sean and Nami produced a short documentary, which went viral and helped Nito raise enough money to continue living and developing his game.

Your channel has worked like a charm for my game and also for my life.

- Nito Souji, Hikikomori & Pull Stay Developer

What did we do?

Due to Covid and Nito being in a different city, we had a special challenge of directing a video without being on location.

We set up our living room to mimic Nito's floorplan and sent him examples of different camera angles that we wanted him to use.

We wrote a script, taught Nito the basics of filming, and edited the final clips to create a moving story.

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