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EYExplore Overview

EYExplore is a leading provider of Photography Adventures in Japan. Their instructors have a deep knowledge of their cities and aim to provide fun and engaging photo workshops.

EYExplore approached us with the challenge of creating engaging content for their YouTube channel. They had not uploaded to YouTube in over a year, because other video production groups were not cost effective.

By collaborating closely with their team, we were able to take their small channel and turn it into a serious competitor on YouTube.

Customers are consistently listing "Youtube" as the way they found us.

- Lukasz Palka, EYExplore Co-Founder

What did we do?

We started out by educating EYExplore on the fundamentals of Youtube, covering everything from keyword choice to video design.

We then worked closely with their team to shoot videos showcasing their deep knowledge of Tokyo & Photography.

After each video, we took feedback from their team and made iterative improvements to the quality of their videos.

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Audio Quality

Since the majority of EYExplore's videos are shot in downtown Tokyo, our ability to capture and master high-quality audio is imperative to keep audience retention high. Take a listen for yourself.

We guarantee you'll hear the difference.

Audio Before

Audio After

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